Pearlman SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model

pic from book cover showing exhibit 'A'

The Moshe Emes Torah and Science alignement Series:

Includes SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model.
Solving the holy grail of YeC young earth creation - creation science, how/why distant starlight and light speed limited to the standard speed of light 'c'  can be (is) in full alignment with scriptural testimony.
Not only do we find distand starlight aligns with scriptural narrative, but explain how/why the prevelant cosmological redshift of distant starlight, falsifies all deep-time dependent scientific hypotheses and assumptions. Once studied, failrly considered and disseminated, SPIRAL should replace SCM-LCDM as the new standard cosmological model. As it is the highest probability explanation of the empirical observations, understood in maximum available context. That being our definition of the strongest science.

'The Moshe Emes, Recent Complex Creation Framework' RCCF framework for understanding science.

'Distant Starlight and the Age, Formation and Structure of the Universe' based on
SPIRAL cosmological redshift hypothesis and model aka 'Distant Starlight and Torah'

The 'Torah Discovery Chronology' TDC Chronology aka Bible Chronology, untying a knot'

​Torah and Science Reconciled!
Learn More, with this 'Moshe Emes' Torah and Science alignment series.